Two languages WordPress havoc

Trying to maintain a multi-language blog is a continuous struggle between “having a vast audience” and “being prophet in your own country”. It’s something very frustrating, particularly due to the fact that most Italian DO NOT speak or read English and that press tends to completely ignore English-written on line material. I’m still horrified at the memory of an Italian journalist telling me that he “tried to find my site but only found a US guy Lastknight Dot Com”. So here I am, with a fairly known Italian site and trying very hard to broaden my horizons and reach the vast majority of the world presenting a little about me thanks to almighty WordPress and a fairly good bit of hacking here and there. English and/or Italian layout varies with the main language of posts and articles. You can switch between Italian and English with the little menu on the top-right of the screen. I’ll publish details of my implementation as soon as I get all the stuff here neatly arranged…


Le università italiane passano al cloud. Con quali garanzie?

Oggi grazie a Yanfry scopro una conversazione interessantissima sulla mailing list di Nexa a firma del Prof.Luciano Paccagnella, Professore Associato di Sociologia dei processi culturali nel Dipartimento di Culture, Politica e Società dell’Università di Torino: gli atenei italiani e tra I primi Torino stanno dismettendo i loro servizi di posta elettronica migrando su Gmail (ma […]