80 gigabit per second di Deep Packet Inspection

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Sembra che il simpatico amico Skype, per la gioia di Pila, stia per avere qualche arduo giuoco di controllo di fronte ai dentini, così come la gioiosa usanza di fare girare i server SSH dalle reti dei clienti su porta 80 e 443…

Procera Networks is launching a new weapon on the deep packet inspection (DPI) front. At $800,000 these 80 Gbps tanks aren’t going to be sitting in everyone’s closet, but it could mean that more traffic shaping is on the way. “The PL10000 can handle up to 5 million subscribers and can track 48 million real-time data flows. That’s certainly a potent piece of hardware, but larger ISPs will need more. That’s why Procera designed the new machines with full support for synchronizing traffic flows where return traffic might be routed to a different PacketLogic machine. The machine receiving the return traffic can make the machine monitoring the outbound traffic aware that it sees the other half of a TCP/IP conversation, for example, giving the devices more accuracy than those which might only have access to one side. (via SlashDot)

Per la serie: mecojoni…

E se non ricordate cosa sia il Deep Packet Inspection potete fare un saltino qui.

Resta da capire se la device sia anche Calea Compliant:

Service providers are required by various governments around the world and their agencies to allow lawful intercept capabilities. This had been previously met by creating a traffic access point (TAP) using an intercepting proxy server that connects to the government’s surveillance equipment. Now that this functionality can be included in the DPI, DPI products that are “CALEA-compliant” can be used as a TAP to collect a user’s datastream.


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