Going Live?

It’s much more difficult than I supposed to be in the first place :)

FoolDns Staff and service is at its full power and Documentation for FoolDns Business is almosty there. Pricing plans are OK and soon enough we’ll be able to offer the paid plan.

The only difficult thing is to find out people: there could be a crisis going on, but no one seem to be effected right now! We’re hiring PHP programmers, DHTML/CSS/JS designers and a Marketing man but nothing seem to appear at the end of each day.

Let’s not be frustrated and let’s go on: and if you think you can fit in any of the jobs descriptions be welcome!


No, di Uber non avete capito un c**o…

Pensavo fosse cosa assolutamente risaputa e banale da comprendere, ma una serie di chiacchierate con persone che ritengo discretamente intelligenti mi hanno fatto capire che quanto ho nella testa non è così lapalissiano come pensavo, e quindi scrivo qui, a futura memoria da nouvelle Cassandra :) Perché diamine Google ha investito Uber qualche anno fa, […]