Autofocus System – Get Everything Done

What can you expect from the system? This is based purely on my own experience of working the system for a number of weeks, but what I have found is as follows: A greatly increased volume of work. I have found that I am able to process work much faster. This seems to be mainly due to the fact that there is very little friction in the way of resistance or procrastination. A lack of stress. Although obviously one still has to do the work, there are no great barriers of resistance to overcome or feelings of overwhelm. In fact just about all my work has become pleasurable. The more I’ve learned to trust the system, the more this has been the case.

E dopo aver provato centinaia di metodi di efficienza personale diamo un’occhiata anche all’Autofocus System. Maggiori informazioni sulla sua efficacia quando l’avrò utilizzato un po’ e farò ritorno dalla Moldova…


No, il terrorismo non c’entra con la sorveglianza di massa

E non lo dico io, lo dice Nils Muižnieks, Commissario ai Diritti Umani del Consiglio Europeo che si pronuncia in modo perentorio affermando che: The “secret, massive and indiscriminate” surveillance conducted by intelligence services and disclosed by the former US intelligence contractor Edward Snowden cannot be justified by the fight against terrorism, the most senior […]