Forensics, Timeline e Python

Questa settimana l’articolo del Blog di Computer Forensics di Sans riporta un enorme numero di tool per la Computer Forensics realizzati in Python. Alcuno sono veramente notevoli:

This week, we feature a number of tools and articles that leverage Python to do the heavy lifting. So, if you’re looking for scripts and applications to put the squeeze on some of that work load, this may be the article for you. (fonte)

Già che siete sul blog consiglio anche l’interessante articolo sul TimeLining di Windows:

First, a note about the way I personally use timelines. I find them a great way to identify dated tidbits which one might not otherwise realize are associated with activity of interest, once investigation has been focused down to a restricted timeframe. When I do this, I typically extract all timeline data, and then filter it for times of interest to avoid information overload. (fonte)